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Off topic.

I know I haven't used this journal the way I intended. I haven't made any progress with my diet, either. In fact I'm afraid to weigh myself right now because I think I've gone the wrong way. :-( :-( :-(

I have an appointment next week with a Dermatologist to talk about my hairloss. Eek. Every time I say it I still have this "hairloss? me?" reaction inside. My hair's been a nightmare. I lost a lot of it after going off the meds I'd been on during and after my pregnancy, and at this point my GP told me it probably would not come back naturally, so he referred me to this Dermatologist. I'm really reluctant to use chemicals (Rogaine, etc), so I've been using an herbal remedy, which has had a little bit of a result but not much. I also ordered Toppik, which I have no faith in, but am willing to try. It was only $10.95 for a travel size, including shipping. If someone hadn't mentioned it to me I wouldn't have even looked at it, but she swears she used it and it worked for her. I tend not to believe stories like that, but hey... Worth a shot, right? I'm tired of hats and my hair all greasy from the herbal stuff being rubbed into my scalp.

Well! Wasn't this a cheerful entry!

To end of the bright side, I got my grades back and have a perfect 4.0 for this past quarter. Yey. It didn't raise my overall GPA though. That sucks.
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