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A beginning.

I've decided to take the plunge and restart my lj. I had one a long time ago, but deleted it when I realized I wasn't using it. I hope that won't happen again. I've missed posting, actually.

The main reason I want to have this lj is because I'm trying to lose weight. I think it might be helpful to keep track of my progress, to stay motivated and keep myself on track.

At this time, I weigh 190lb. Well, 189, really. I should weigh about 120-130 for my height, which is 5'6". So, I have more than 60 pounds to lose. It seems like an almost impossible goal.

I won't use this lj just for that thought, so I hope I haven't scared off anyone yet. Feel free to friend me if we have something in common based on what I have in my profile. I can always use more friends.
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