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Thursday, March 11th, 2004
7:21 pm - Sigh.
I've been ignoring this journal again.

Next week is finals week. I'm studying like crazy, though I'm not too worried about any of my classes. I have two take-home finals, too. That certainly makes things easier.

I took the kids for their portraits last week, and I finally got them back. Unfortunately the two with all of them together are just a total nightmare. I don't know how people manage to get really good portraits of more than two kids together. Mine never turn out. The individual ones turned out great though. I bought these great frames for them and I'm going to hang them up over the weekend.

I finished off yet another scrapbook. I now have five scrapbooks for the triplets and two for my older daughter. I need to buy more. They're so expensive though. There's this one store where I get them cheap (an art store), but it's kind of far to go just for this one item. I'll have to plan a trip after finals are over, and hit a few stores in that area.

I spent most of last week and this past week turning old negatives and slides into digital files for my aunt and uncle. I got paid $500 for it. But I totally earned it. They had NINE (yes, 9!) shoeboxes full of slides and rolls of negatives. They were a nightmare to scan, even though I have a good scanner that does it fast. It was very dull and tedious work.

The money's good though. I bought the kids new clothes, new toys, and a large blow-up swimming pool for this summer (it was on sale so I thought I better get it now). For myself I bought a case of blank CD-Roms, a DVD drive for my computer, and the hardcover set of Lord of the Rings. Can you say splurge?

I managed to lose 25lb and to keep it off for three weeks now. But the rest is not coming off. I guess I need more exercise. The problem is I just don't have time. Why isn't chasing after triplets enough? Not to mention chasing after my older daughter, who got an electric scooter from my dear grandpa (damn him! LOL!) and now drives me completely insane with it.

I think I've finally gone insane. I had an actual dream about Harry Potter, in which I was Harry, had a flying carpet-type thing, and was desperately trying to navigate the streets of some weird futuristic city to get to Remus Lupin's house. Insane, I tell you. I woke up, and I was just like "What the fuck?!!" I think reading the books for the eighth time might have been one time too many...

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Friday, February 6th, 2004
6:35 pm - Overdue update.
I've been a bit under the weather, but have made a recovery and actually feel very energetic right now. I have a feeling I had been suffering from a lack of sleep.

A new quarter started and I have three classes. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Good schedule. Each class only once a week.

The kids are okay. I have to take all of them to the doctor on Monday. That is not going to be fun. Four kids in a waiting room. Eek.

One of my classes is art and I have found out that I have a real knack for pottery. I made a bunch of small potts for my plants and herbs that all look pretty cute.

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Sunday, December 28th, 2003
9:47 pm - Off topic.
I know I haven't used this journal the way I intended. I haven't made any progress with my diet, either. In fact I'm afraid to weigh myself right now because I think I've gone the wrong way. :-( :-( :-(

I have an appointment next week with a Dermatologist to talk about my hairloss. Eek. Every time I say it I still have this "hairloss? me?" reaction inside. My hair's been a nightmare. I lost a lot of it after going off the meds I'd been on during and after my pregnancy, and at this point my GP told me it probably would not come back naturally, so he referred me to this Dermatologist. I'm really reluctant to use chemicals (Rogaine, etc), so I've been using an herbal remedy, which has had a little bit of a result but not much. I also ordered Toppik, which I have no faith in, but am willing to try. It was only $10.95 for a travel size, including shipping. If someone hadn't mentioned it to me I wouldn't have even looked at it, but she swears she used it and it worked for her. I tend not to believe stories like that, but hey... Worth a shot, right? I'm tired of hats and my hair all greasy from the herbal stuff being rubbed into my scalp.

Well! Wasn't this a cheerful entry!

To end of the bright side, I got my grades back and have a perfect 4.0 for this past quarter. Yey. It didn't raise my overall GPA though. That sucks.

current mood: bitchy

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Saturday, December 27th, 2003
5:19 pm - I'm back.
I made it through the holidays okay. I don't really celebrate Christmas, not being religious, so all I had to do was exchange gifts with people, send out cards, and make a few calls. My mother's family is really into it though, so I had to make a good show.

I got some good stuff. A couple of DVDs I had wanted: X-Men and X2, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spiderman, and the Indiana Jones set. Only one CD this year, but it's exactly what I wanted (Dido). A really cute set of 24 mini-size nail polishes in all sorts of colors. I just love nail polish. My close family and I exchange gifts closer to New Years so I still have stuff coming...

I have been ignoring this journal a bit, haven't I? I just haven't found the time to post. Finally fixed the problem with my entries being private. Actually I had to download a different client, so it wasn't that simple. I wasn't sure if I wanted some of this stuff out there for the world to see, but then I figured, why not? These are my honest thoughts, and I'm not going to apologize for them. Why should I?

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
3:30 pm - Private entries.
I just realized that I accidentally set all my entries to be private by default. How do I fix that now? I guess I have to go through them all, one by one.

Today was a sucky day. I just want to scrawl into bed.

My car wouldn't start this morning, so I missed class. It's the last one before the final, and thankfully all they did was review for the final. I got notes from someone over email. I don't think I missed that much, but I am worried that I might be at a disadvantage now, if I missed any hints the instructor may have given about the exam.

I also got drenched running all over the block after our escaped cat. She chose today, of all days, to run out of the house. It was pouring like out of a bucket! When I finally came back in, I actually had to turn my shoes over to let water drip out of them before I could throw them in the drier. I just hope I won't get another cold. I just got over the last, and I don't want to be sniffling and sneezing through five exams next week.

current mood: depressed

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003
3:12 pm - Shopping.
Did some holiday shopping. I took care of the "easy" people on my list. I always split it into three parts. Easy, hard, and expensive. Expensive is anything over $50, and this year I only have one. Hard is anyone that I have to give a lot of thought to. Basically people closest to me. Easy is all those minor friends and relatives whose gifts are just little things that are more like tokens of affection/friendship than anything else. So, the easy list is taken care of with the usual hodgepodge of stuff.

At least money hasn't turned out to be as much of a problem as I thought. My grandparents gave me $100 over Thanksgiving, and my uncle another $150 for watching his baby the next day while he went to the office on emergency. Hey, I earned it, of course, but it was still a good bit of luck.

Not to be cynical or anything, but I think my grandparents are feeling a tad guilty for the way they acted towards me in the past. Still, they have more money than they know what to do with, and if you saw the amount they throw at their other grandkids/great-grandkids, you'd know why I have no problem accepting. It's their way of feeling like things are better between us. They're not, but hey...

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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
10:51 pm - Thanksgiving.
I'm about ready to collapse. Too many people. Too much food. Too many kids, mine included.

My grandmother made it despite being stuck at an airport for eight hours between flights. That in itself was crazy.

My aunt brought her new dog. I wish I knew what kind of dog it was so I could make sure to never get one like it.

My cousin tore her new party dress and spent about three hours sobbing in the bathroom. I guess I sort of recall that at 14 things like that tend to seem a whole lot more tragic, but I couldn't help being annoyed.

Most cringe-worthy moment was my aunt's ex-husband coming to pick up their son right in the middle of dinner. Apparently she decided she wanted the kid for herself over the holidays, despite him having custody this week. Guess she thought he wouldn't track them down. He did, obviously. It made me glad all over again that I don't have an ex to deal with. And hey, for the record, I'm on the guy's side!

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
3:36 pm - What a headache.
I just had to deal with yet another useless guidance counselor. She kept me in there for over an hour, going over all my records. I have a 3.4 GPA. What more does anyone need to know? I did not need to go over all my old classes and meticulously plug them into slots on a form, especially since the form was for me only, and has no other use or need. I already had this done ages ago, and I know exactly which classes I need to take to graduate. This was so frustrating, I just have no words! For a person who has no time, having my time get wasted like this is so annoying!

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
7:09 am - Money, money, money.
I'm starting to gather up money for the holidays. I figure I need about $200-300 this year for all the things I want to get. I'm still in the process of choosing gift with the aid of the Internet. Beats actually going to stores and browsing.

Now, I have about $150 which I have been saving since summer. The rest is going to come from sales to used-goods stores. I usually take stuff over regularly, but I've been slacking. I'm slowly picking out what I think will be the best things to take over, just so I won't have too many small items to keep track of. I hope I have at least $100 worth of stuff. There's only one item so far that I think could be worth more than about $15. The rest, maybe $10 each. I'm not going to bother with anything I think is going to be under $5. Maybe later, when I have more time.

I'm thinking of giving up my porcelain doll collection. Many of the dolls are still in their boxes. I have 23 of them. It's a collection I've kept since I was 10, but I haven't been interested in it for some time now. I hate to let it go, but I need the money and I need the space that they are currently taking up. I just need to find the best place to unload them, I guess. I'm not counting on being able to do that in time for the holidays this year.

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
3:32 pm - I'm tired. Classes kill me.
Two classes a day is really too many. And five days a week is really too many, too.

I have two exams this week, and one is in Math, which is hands down my worst subject. Oddly enough, I do make Bs and As in all my Math classes (so far), and I don't suppose this one will be different, but it causes me no end of depression, tears, teating-out of hair, sleepless nights, panic, etc. I wish I didn't have to take another Math class as long as I live. But I need two more after this one.

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Sunday, November 16th, 2003
10:44 am - My first goal.
I have decided to set my first goal: 180 pounds by November 30th. This way I will have something definite to work toward.

I can't believe it's Sunday already. Classes will start again tomorrow, and I'm soooooo not ready to go back. Why are weekends so short? I've hardly had a chance to do anything.

My list of things to do keeps growing and growing. The only things I did do are get the kids' holiday picture done (last weekend), and go to Costco (yesterday). I bought three presents, but I still need more than a dozen big ones and about two dozen small ones. And cards. And wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and boxes. So you see I have my work cut out for me. I wish the holidays would wait! I'm busy with my classes, and I really have too many of them this quarter.

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12:16 am - A beginning.
I've decided to take the plunge and restart my lj. I had one a long time ago, but deleted it when I realized I wasn't using it. I hope that won't happen again. I've missed posting, actually.

The main reason I want to have this lj is because I'm trying to lose weight. I think it might be helpful to keep track of my progress, to stay motivated and keep myself on track.

At this time, I weigh 190lb. Well, 189, really. I should weigh about 120-130 for my height, which is 5'6". So, I have more than 60 pounds to lose. It seems like an almost impossible goal.

I won't use this lj just for that thought, so I hope I haven't scared off anyone yet. Feel free to friend me if we have something in common based on what I have in my profile. I can always use more friends.

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