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Private entries.

I just realized that I accidentally set all my entries to be private by default. How do I fix that now? I guess I have to go through them all, one by one.

Today was a sucky day. I just want to scrawl into bed.

My car wouldn't start this morning, so I missed class. It's the last one before the final, and thankfully all they did was review for the final. I got notes from someone over email. I don't think I missed that much, but I am worried that I might be at a disadvantage now, if I missed any hints the instructor may have given about the exam.

I also got drenched running all over the block after our escaped cat. She chose today, of all days, to run out of the house. It was pouring like out of a bucket! When I finally came back in, I actually had to turn my shoes over to let water drip out of them before I could throw them in the drier. I just hope I won't get another cold. I just got over the last, and I don't want to be sniffling and sneezing through five exams next week.
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