Anne (painandstrife) wrote,


I'm about ready to collapse. Too many people. Too much food. Too many kids, mine included.

My grandmother made it despite being stuck at an airport for eight hours between flights. That in itself was crazy.

My aunt brought her new dog. I wish I knew what kind of dog it was so I could make sure to never get one like it.

My cousin tore her new party dress and spent about three hours sobbing in the bathroom. I guess I sort of recall that at 14 things like that tend to seem a whole lot more tragic, but I couldn't help being annoyed.

Most cringe-worthy moment was my aunt's ex-husband coming to pick up their son right in the middle of dinner. Apparently she decided she wanted the kid for herself over the holidays, despite him having custody this week. Guess she thought he wouldn't track them down. He did, obviously. It made me glad all over again that I don't have an ex to deal with. And hey, for the record, I'm on the guy's side!
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