Anne (painandstrife) wrote,

I'm back.

I made it through the holidays okay. I don't really celebrate Christmas, not being religious, so all I had to do was exchange gifts with people, send out cards, and make a few calls. My mother's family is really into it though, so I had to make a good show.

I got some good stuff. A couple of DVDs I had wanted: X-Men and X2, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Spiderman, and the Indiana Jones set. Only one CD this year, but it's exactly what I wanted (Dido). A really cute set of 24 mini-size nail polishes in all sorts of colors. I just love nail polish. My close family and I exchange gifts closer to New Years so I still have stuff coming...

I have been ignoring this journal a bit, haven't I? I just haven't found the time to post. Finally fixed the problem with my entries being private. Actually I had to download a different client, so it wasn't that simple. I wasn't sure if I wanted some of this stuff out there for the world to see, but then I figured, why not? These are my honest thoughts, and I'm not going to apologize for them. Why should I?
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