Anne (painandstrife) wrote,


I've been ignoring this journal again.

Next week is finals week. I'm studying like crazy, though I'm not too worried about any of my classes. I have two take-home finals, too. That certainly makes things easier.

I took the kids for their portraits last week, and I finally got them back. Unfortunately the two with all of them together are just a total nightmare. I don't know how people manage to get really good portraits of more than two kids together. Mine never turn out. The individual ones turned out great though. I bought these great frames for them and I'm going to hang them up over the weekend.

I finished off yet another scrapbook. I now have five scrapbooks for the triplets and two for my older daughter. I need to buy more. They're so expensive though. There's this one store where I get them cheap (an art store), but it's kind of far to go just for this one item. I'll have to plan a trip after finals are over, and hit a few stores in that area.

I spent most of last week and this past week turning old negatives and slides into digital files for my aunt and uncle. I got paid $500 for it. But I totally earned it. They had NINE (yes, 9!) shoeboxes full of slides and rolls of negatives. They were a nightmare to scan, even though I have a good scanner that does it fast. It was very dull and tedious work.

The money's good though. I bought the kids new clothes, new toys, and a large blow-up swimming pool for this summer (it was on sale so I thought I better get it now). For myself I bought a case of blank CD-Roms, a DVD drive for my computer, and the hardcover set of Lord of the Rings. Can you say splurge?

I managed to lose 25lb and to keep it off for three weeks now. But the rest is not coming off. I guess I need more exercise. The problem is I just don't have time. Why isn't chasing after triplets enough? Not to mention chasing after my older daughter, who got an electric scooter from my dear grandpa (damn him! LOL!) and now drives me completely insane with it.

I think I've finally gone insane. I had an actual dream about Harry Potter, in which I was Harry, had a flying carpet-type thing, and was desperately trying to navigate the streets of some weird futuristic city to get to Remus Lupin's house. Insane, I tell you. I woke up, and I was just like "What the fuck?!!" I think reading the books for the eighth time might have been one time too many...
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