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Anne's Life / Anne's Strife

Motherhood, Weight Loss, and Education

30 September
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My name is Anne, and I hope to make tons of friends at lj!

This is a weight loss journal. I need to lose 50+ pounds, and this will be a way to keep track of all of that. Hopefully see some progress.

This may also be a parenting journal. I'm a young single mother, and I can't help but bring that in. I have four wonderful children, girl age 5, and b/b/g triplets age 1. For our pictures, go here (work in progress).

It may also have a bit about Uni, pets, family, and general life! A bit of everything! What can I say, weight loss is not the only important thing in my life.

If you need to reach me, my email is annemontmorency @ yahoo . com (take out the spaces).

Feel free to friend me!
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